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Farm4Me is presently one of the biggest contractors on farming and farming equipment in Nigeria. The platform signs its part of the service agreement and sends the final copy to the potential Client. Once the contract has been activated, the invoice will be generated and sent to the potential Client. He makes payment and notifies Farm4Me.

Then work begins immediately on the farming project. The Client is updated on the progress of the farm. The most outstanding part of what this startup offers is the fact that all their farms are insured by Leadway Assurance to reduce the risk of farm disaster and other losses.

Should there be a low yield below the invested capital; Farm4Me undertakes to refund the client’s capital. So the client is shielded from the risk associated with farming.


The Farm4me platform has become widely known, all thanks to their guaranteed insurance and partnership with Leadway insurance. Their insurance policy makes sure to return all your money if the farm they did for you yielded nothing.

So, if you have enough capital, without enough manpower or equipment to start up a farming business, well Farm4me is just a call away from you. They also have online platform you can also use to reach out to them for your farming work. To get one of the best farm yields, just give them a trial and thank me later.

All that is required of you is to share the profits according to the agreement you signed with them. And yes their charges are affordable.

About Farm4me

Farm4me is all about contract farming. Some may still ask what contact farming is. Well, Contract farming is all about contracting a farmer to farm for you and deliver a specified quantity of farm produce to a specified location on a specified date.

Crowd farming is pooling together funds to sponsor a farming project and sharing the profit with all the people that participated in the fundraising. When asked how Farm4Me is able to convince Clients to part with hard-earned money. The CEO said “I go the extra mile to build trust and address the fears and doubts of the potential clients.

It takes days and weeks of questions and answers. Sharing of my sensitive data like my National Identity card, Police Character Certificate, CAC Certificate, and Leadway Assurance Insurance Certificate. Some go as far as contacting Leadway to find out if we actually insure our farms with them.

Come visit our office to interact with us face to face before making payment. We are brutally honest with them. In the end, they pay us to farm for them. We have a good number of clients that have paid us to farm for them.” To get more about how they began and what they stand for kindly click here.

How to Create an Account Farm4me

Below are the guidelines to open an online account with Farm4me;

  • First off, enter this link;
  • Once you are in the link you will be required to enter your name (first name and last name)
  • You will also be asked to enter your email address
  • Then you will enter a password ( please enter a password you can easily remember and cannot be easily accessed by anyone)
  • Confirm you password
  • Then you will have to enter your referral code (this is optional)

After you might have finished entering all the required data, you will see two boxes below, the one on the right should be clicked if you want to just register, while the one on the left should be clicked if you already have an account with Farm4me and you wish to log in to your account. to get more information on Farm4me kindly click here.