2018 FIFA World Cup Winner Champion

This post is intended to let you know that the 2018 FIFA World Cup is still on-going and there is no 2018 FIFA World cup winner champion as at the time of this post.

Meanwhile, always check back on this page to get the latest update on the winner champion of the FIFA World cup 2018 competition when the game finally comes to the end.

Important Highlights On 2018 FIFA World Cup Winner Champion;

The 2018 FIFA World cup is still on-going with some of your favorite countries winning their matches, while some others losing theirs. Some have gone ahead to even draw in their first appearance to stay the chances of still making headways.

Here are some of the countries who made it to the FIFA world cup 2018; Russia, the Five-time winner Brazil, Spain, Iceland, Belgium, Croatia, the defending champions Germany, Argentina.

Other countries who are there are; Portugal, Japan, Mexico, Senegal, Egypt, Switzerland, England, France, Morocco, Australia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Poland, South Korea etc.