Twitter Launched Disappearing Fleets to Everyone

Fleets, the Stories-like feature is coming to all Twitter users very, the company says. Twitter began testing these features in March and assumes it will be an official part of the app. You can begin to post with a block of text, a photo, GIF, or even a tweet. This has been on the mind of users for a long time now because they have no way of sharing what they like without making it an actual post.

Twitter admits this feature is more like Instagram’s Story and it plans to remove the pressure associated with tweeting and get more users feeling relaxed sharing. It has been proven that many users don’t post because of this problem. Perhaps launching this feature might get these users to post more.

“We’ve learned fleets help people feel more comfortable joining the conversation,” says Joshua Harris, Twitter’s Director of Design. “This enables a less pressurized space to do things like give hot takes or provide new perspectives.”

Fleets also represent another kind of shift for Twitter. It the first the company realized that users usually don’t want their posts to be around forever. So far, it seems this is the biggest change the company has made in its service. The company plans to experiment with another new feature that could also significantly change how people interact on its platform.