Login Facebook Account – Facebook profile login

Login Facebook Account – Facebook profile login – Are you having FB login issues, or you just signed up new Facebook account, but do not know how to login your account, then this guide is for you, as it explains the steps to successfully sign in your Facebook account. If you are having issues login your Facebook account, chances are you have made one mistake or the other. And let me quickly highlight some of the mistakes that can make you not to login your account.

Why Can’t I Complete My FB Login?

If you cannot login your account on Facebook, please be sure you are not making any of the following mistakes or similar mistakes;

1. You will have challenges login your Facebook account if you do not know your Facebook username, (email address or phone number) you have used in creating the account.

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2. If you forgot your Facebook password, you will not be able to complete FB login and you will need to go through Facebook password recovery.

3. Avoid mistake in your password spellings, as any mistake in the spelling or characters that make up your password you will lead to difficult in Facebook login.

4. If you login details do not match, i.e your login email address or phone number do not match your password, you will not be able to login.

5. Be sure you have a good working network so you will be able to login.

6. Ensure no one has tampered with your Facebook account either by hacking your account or changing your password.

If you have checked all of this, and you see that everything is correct, then proceed to the steps below to see how you can successfully login your FB account.

FB Login – How to Login Facebook Account

1. Tap on your Facebook mobile app to open the app.

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2. Enter your Facebook login email address or phone number, depending on the one you have used in creating the account.

3. Type in your password correctly.

4. Tap log in to access your Facebook account.