How To Contact Facebook Help Center – Facebook Customer Service Number

How To Contact Facebook Help Center – Facebook help center is a customer care service center which Facebook has designed for all of its users. It is meant so that any Facebook user with an issue can easily contact Facebook support center to get their issues resolved. At the end of this post, you’re going to see everything you need to know about how to contact Facebook help center, while I give you the link and Facebook center line reach anytime you have issue on your Facebook account.

How Facebook Help Works

In quest to understand the essence of the Facebook help services, below are the ways in which Facebook Help can of great importance to you as a user;

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It keeps you updated on resent happening on Facebook

It helps you with your Facebook security

It helps you to solve problems on your FB account

With Facebook help you can discover and identify problems

In many occasions, users have series of issues regarding their Facebook account such as login issues, security issues etc and Facebook customer care service is there to help you resolve any of these issues at any time.

How to Contact Facebook Help Center

While Facebook Help Center helps you resolve your Facebook related issues, they also give you direction and suggestions on what you may be looking for, like;

How do i reset my passwords?

Why can’t I reply to messages on Facebook?

What names are allowed on Facebook?

Where can I find my settings?

How do I choose my own notifications?

All the above questions are related to your Facebook profile, settings, messaging, your privacy and the rest of them.

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Facebook Help Center – How To Contact Facebook Help Center

By using the Facebook Customer Support center,  you can get all the help you need from Facebook. Furthermore, you can also follow the Help Center link to get any question you have about Facebook answered.

8 thoughts on “How To Contact Facebook Help Center – Facebook Customer Service Number

  1. Craig Rees says:

    I was blocked on Tuesday for 30 days for a pic I posted. It said I could have it reviewed & someone would get back to me. No one has. I believe that pic should have not gotten me blocked. It was not a bad pic. Please help. Thx!

    1. Craig, remember to follow the link in the post to reach them. And do chat them on weekdays. 9 – 12pm

  2. Margaret McCarthy says:

    I cannot see photos that people send or photos I share from smartphone on Home page, just long blank space, if I click on this space it will bring me to my other photos, used to appear on home page, but no longer…help thanks Margaret

    1. Hello Margaret, do check to see you have a good working network while accessing your Facebook. And then if the problem continues, you may use the Facebook “Help center link” at the bottom end of this post to lay your complaints. Thank you!

  3. Christina says:

    All of a sudden I can not share anything it wont let me click post and if I want to edit a post it wont let me type or save it. Please help me

    1. Hello Christina, do check to see you have a good working internet connection, and try to access your Facebook account to see if the problem persists. If it does, you may need to use the Facebook “Help center link” at the end of the post to reach them for complaint. Hope that helps?

  4. JudyAnn Dufresne says:

    I would like to post something from my computer to a friend by Messenger but NOT GROUP MESSENGER somehow I no longer can send to my MESSENGER FRIENDS WHO ONLY WANT MESSENGER PLEASE HELP ME DISSOLVE GROUP. iT HAPPEN CAUSE i TRIED TO SEND 1 POST TO ALOT OF PEOPLE AT ONE TIME aND IT SEEMS POPLE DON”T LIKE MESSENGER GROUP , so frustrating HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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