Word Blitz Facebook Game – How to Play Word Blitz Game On Facebook

Word Blitz Facebook Game – Facebook is the most popular social network with about 2.4 billion users making use of the platform generally. It is used for lots of things because the social media platform has lots of features to connect with family and friends. You can post and share, like, comment, tag a person, message via the Facebook messenger and lots more.

Gaming on Facebook is one of the things that users can do to keep busy. The social network has proven it has the capability to be flexible. And touch all aspects of a users life as it offers a means of gaming online and via Facebook messenger. This is actually really good because you and your friends no longer have to be bored and pass time playing games on the social app.

There are several games on the social media platform from which users can have fun playing when they access the Facebook Instant games pages. The social media platform has several games that you and your friends can play against each other, and have fun. Some of these games are: SimCity, Farmville, word blitz, ad many more.

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One of the major games that can be both educational and entertaining at the same time which can be accessed via Facebook messenger is Word Blitz. As a gamer, if you are interested in word search games then this is definitely one game you would love to play. Facebook Messenger Word Blitz is an engaging word puzzle game that all Facebook gamer should give a try.

How to Play Word Blitz Facebook Game

This is the part where users have to pay attention to because this will guide you on steps to follow in order to enjoy the entertaining Facebook game called the Word Blitz. To start enjoying the game of Word Blitz, there is no necessary need to download as it is located on all users Facebook Messenger. However, you can get access to play the game if you download it from either your Android or iOS app store as the case may be. Below are the steps on how to play the game;

1. Get connected to an active internet connection via WiFi or mobile data.
2. On your Android or iOS device, launch the Facebook messenger app.
3. Complete the login process on the messenger app to access your Facebook account messages.
4. Click on the search bar option on the messenger app.
5. Input “Instant game” to open the Facebook Instant games page
6. On the Facebook Instant game page tap the search option.
7. Input “Word Blitz”
8. Enter word blitz game via the loaded search result
9. Click “Play Game” button.

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The Facebook word blitz will launch successfully once these above steps have been followed by the user. All that is left, is for you to invite you Facebook friends and have fun gaming on Facebook Word Blitz.