Why is Google Adsense not Working

Why is Google Adsense not Working

Not everyone who has heard about Google AdSense or knows about it, do make use of it. Well, if you may know the Google AdSense app on mobile for both Android and iOS devices is not working anymore. The AdSense mobile app is no longer supported by Google advertising services; which means AdSense users can’t make use of the app. Before while the AdSense app was still working “Available on mobile” perfectly, you can do a lot if you have an approved Google AdSense on it.

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AdSense user on mobile devices was notified by Google; that they no longer supporting this app, that they can visit www.google.com/adsense for a better mobile experience.

For users who don’t know that much about Google AdSense; will be finding it hard to get access to the Google AdSense platform. Since AdSense for mobile is no longer available for use. They not knowing there is an option to make use of Google AdSense.

A lot of questions will be asked on the internet from now on; about the Google AdSense not work. Questions like; What happened to the Google AdSense app? Why is AdSense not working? How to fix the Google AdSense problem? Is there an app for AdSense? Google AdSense app error occurred, Google AdSense app discontinued. Is the Google AdSense app down?

Why did Google remove AdSense app?

No one knows why Google have to remove or stop the use of the AdSense app on all mobile phone; the reason was not stated. But we would safe it because; they want users to get the best or a better mobile experience when making use of the Google AdSense platform.

So, to do that; Google want every AdSense users to make use of their Approved and working Google Ads account on the www.google.com/adsense on the web, using either your mobile web browser or that of your Pc.

How to use Google AdSense after the App stopped Working?

Since Google has finally removed the AdSense app from Android and iOS devices. You can still make use of AdSense on your mobile phone; but with the help of a web browser. Or you can rather make use of your Pc; on windows or mac. Using either your mobile devices or desktop computer, follow the below steps;

  1. Open any of your web browsers.
  2. Go to Google.com/adsense
  3. Then login to your AdSense account.
  4. Using your Google Gmail where you have AdSense approved and working on it.

After you have finally login into AdSense with your Google Gmail account; you can start making use of AdSense like before. It better when using AdSense on your web browser; compare to making use of the Google AdSense app on your mobile device.