WeChat App – WeChat Messaging and Calling App

WeChat App – WeChat Messaging and Calling App – Wechat is more than a messaging and social media app. This is simply a lifestyle for over one billion users across the world. However, on the app, you get the benefit to chat, make voice and video calls with friends, and read the news. Also, you can use local services in official accounts and mini-programs, play games with friends and also make mobile payments with the Wechat pay features.

It is highly impossible that you don’t have a WeChat application unless you don’t have friends, family or business partners in China. The platform is one of the most popular social platforms in China..

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However, the WeChat platform also serves as a payment system that is used by vending machines. Hence, It is also used in shops, street vendors and local transit systems for mobile payment. However, most of these features might not work in some countries due to the update of the payment system is not verified there yet.

Is WeChat App Free?

The app is a very safe platform just like other popular messaging and communication apps. Due to that fact, it requires every user’s registration and a verified mobile phone number. Moreover, you also required to create a password that you will need to provide when you want to sign in to your Wechat account. For as long as every user protects their password, their Wechat app is secure. Therefore for no reason should you share your account password info with anyone.

How to Download the App

WeChat app is available on all popular mobile platforms which include Android, iOS, Windows, Symbian, and Blackberry. However, the app and the services are free for all the features. Most free apps come with ads that pay for the free service, but this app has no ads or anything. Downloading and installing the App is simple and very easy for either Android or iPhone. Here are a few steps on how to Download Wechat app;

WeChat App On iPhone

* Locate your iOS app store on your device

* At the homepage of your app store navigate to the bottom left for the search icon, then click on it.

* At the search bar input the keywords and click on send.

* Enough result will be brought to screen but the green and white message icon is Wechat, click on ‘Get’ to start downloading.

* You need to confirm your download with a password or thumbprint depending on your phone settings. Immediately after this, your download starts soon.

WeChat App On Android

* Navigate to the Goggle app store on your Android device

* At the top of the app store is the search icon, click on it and input your search keywords

* The app with the green and a white message icon is Wechat, click on it and scroll down to click on the download icon.

* Immediately your app starts to download then after download it installs.

However, WeChat App is one of those apps that get you registered without a username and password but through your mobile phone number. However, you get to Sign in with your phone number or can log in with your Facebook account. Also, with the WeChat app, you can change your name at any time you wish, this is the name that appears to your account.