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Facebook Marketplace Community: Facebook Marketplace is a free community on Facebook which enhances commercial activities. eCommerce is no longer a surprise to the world we live in today. It is an easier, faster, and broader means for marketing items. This can increase sales in business over a short period of time so long as you are persistent.

The news of the Facebook Free Marketplace Community is now spreading like wild free. Lots of people are now engaging in the use of the FB Marketplace. Every market place is known for the trade. Buying and selling is the idea behind a market. In this Marketplace, you can explore the wild gallery of items uploaded by sellers.

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Buyers get to see these items displayed by sellers close to them. This is available for every Facebook user in the world.

Facebook Free Marketplace

The Facebook Marketplace Community isn’t a scam. It is a safe means of purchasing items. You can only do business with those close by (people who are residents of your catchment or people who reside close to your catchment). With this, owning an online shop may no longer be necessary because of the following:

1. Facebook Sign Up is free

2. Facebook Use is free

3. Facebook Marketplace requires absolutely no capital

Everyone is looking to start up a business which requires little or no capital. A business that doesn’t entail any stress what so ever when starting. Like they say “The mind is the greatest capital”. Facebook has proven the saying because all you need is a perfect alternative and the FB Free Marketplace is a great alternative.

How to Use Facebook Marketplace Community

Here is how you can use the Facebook marketplace;

1. Access the Facebook site at

2. Log in to your account on Facebook.

3. Then at the top of the Facebook page, you will see a store icon.

4. Click on the store icon.

5. Then add the images or photos of your products on sale.

6. Then enter the title of your product.

7. Also add a short description of the product.

8. Then add a category for the product.

I am glad you are aware of this amazing opportunity now. Yes, it is an opportunity and not just a feature. Make sure you also tell others about this so they don’t miss out on it.

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