Temp Email – How To Access Temp Email Address

Temp Email – How To Access Temp Email Address

Temp email is a free email service provider; it allows its user to receive emails at a temporary address. It can also be referred to as a disposable email address or throwaway email. One basic need of a temporary email account is to protect your original email account from spam and also protect your email account privacy. Getting unnecessary advertising mails can be tiring for us, with the solution of a temporary email address we can now worry less and be assured our real email inboxes are secured.

Temp Email – How To Access Temp Email Address

Furthermore, temp email is the email address we use for a short period. It is also used to protect you from giving your email address to websites or online platforms that you do not trust. One thing that endears me about temp email is that generating a temp email address is free. It is also easy to generate. However, note that as the name implies temp email is only a subsidiary email address and not your main email address.

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Why Generate A Temp Email

With the increase in spam rate in the world, there is a need for a precaution to prevent spamming and other dubious things done through email. A temporary email address also serves as a temporary email that can be used on the website or online platforms. It keeps you safe from malware. Below are other important reasons for having a Temporary email.

Keeps You Anonymous

It’s amazing with the fact that you don’t need any of your personal information to access one.  Generating a temp mail is the best way to be kept anonymous. You don’t even need to sign up or register.

Bits of Help Keep Your Inbox Clean

It helps keep your real email inbox clean and safe from unnecessary advertising mails or constant emails that are always sent to your mail. A temp email is the best option to prevent unsolicited emails.

Use In Creating A Social Media Profile

It can be used to create a social media profile secondary account on Facebook, Instagram, and more since you cannot re-use your real email address to create a new social media profile account. Temp email allows you to open a new social media account.

How to Make Use Of Temp Email

To generate your temp mail id is free and easy to go about. The temporary email is ready for use when you visit the website. To go about it follow these steps duly.

  • Go to your phone or web browser.
  • Search on the URL temp-email.org/en.
  • A temporary email will be provided by the website.
  • Next you copy.
  • After copying you can go ahead to use it for the purpose it was generated for.

Note that temp email is free and it is also a short period email address that can be used for a limited time. It does not require signing up or registering to access, it also keeps you anonymous and secure.