How to Verify Facebook Page – Verify Facebook Business Page

How to Verify Facebook Page – With a Facebook page you are given the chance boost your business, your brand and promote yourself. You can do all these with your Facebook account if you have a Facebook page. Creating a Facebook page is easy and free of charge.

A Facebook page gives you the chance to boost and promote your brand and business and you even get more advantage over your competitors if your Facebook page is verified. In this article we are going to show you how to verify Facebook page.

A Facebook is one of the many features of you get from Facebook, anyone can create a Facebook page, but it is mostly for businesses, brands, celebrities, public figures, sports, entertainment and the likes.

Before we go ahead to show you how to verify Facebook page. You should know that that page must have a very compelling reason why that page should be verified.

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How to Verify Facebook Page – Verify Facebook Business Page

If the category of your Facebook page is local business, organization or company then your is qualified for verification. Your page must have a profile photo, a cover photo and your page must be eligible for verification.

If your page has all the stated criteria you can follow the steps below to verify your FB business page.

1.Login to your Facebook account and open your Facebook page.
2.Click on settings.
3.Then click on general then select page verification.
4.Click on verify this page.
5.Click on get started.
6.Enter all required details and click on call me now.
7.Facebook will call and give you a four-digit code, enter the code and click on continue.

Only admins can request for verification of Facebook page. If you do not see the verify this page option then your page is not eligible for verification.