How to Create Your Own Facebook Group

How to Create Your Own Facebook Group

The Facebook group happens to be part of Facebook features whereby Facebook users get to share their interests. Also, Facebook users get to share experiences, opinions together. However, as it stands out to be a place where you get to promote your business. It also stands out to be a large chat window whereby Facebook users get to share different knowledge, create a topic to discuss on and share pictures.

Furthermore, Facebook Group also lets you meet thousands of people in the sense that, over a million 100, 000 of people ca join a group. Meanwhile creating and managing a Facebook group in which you will be the admin of the group is very easy and free of charge.

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Creating a Facebook Group

On creating a Facebook group, you get to be the admin of the group in which you can remove anyone you like from your group at any time. Meanwhile, you can create two group on facebook which are:

  • Private group

This type of can’t be joined anyhow, you have to be added by the admin before you can start  contributing discussion on the group. Meanwhile, this is group whereby the admin can remove  you anytime if he likes.

  • Public group

This is the other type of group in which any one can join at any time. Although it has an admin,  but you can’t be removed in this group. But you can leave the group yourself.

How do I create a Facebook group?

Some easy steps on how to create a Facebook group will be listed below:

  • Open the Facebook page or app
  • Sign in your account or create one if you don’t have
  • Click on create by the upper right of the Facebook page and select “group”
  • You will be asked to enter your group details like, group name, group description and so on
  • After that, you will be asked to add group members
  • Click the avatar of your group to upload your group profile picture
  • Finally, click on the “Create” button so your group can be successfully created

Note that: you can always change your group name and description anytime you like. Meanwhile, as the admin if anyone post on your group, you need to approve it before it can show on your groups timeline.