HDFC Home Loan – HDFC Home Loan Interest Rate

HDFC Home Loan – HDFC Home Loan Interest Rate

HDFC is known as Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited which is a financial service company in India. However, the HDFC financial service is very popular based on its major provision of finance for housing in India. Acquiring a home loan from HDFC is considered to be a good option based on the HBFC interest rate or offers to members of the platform. However, based on the research about the financial service, the HDFC home loan is provided at a rate of as low as 8.00%.

Furthermore, HDFC offers members of the platform with financial services that include home loans that come with EMIs which start from Rs.734 per lac and also with an interest rate of 8.00%. Moreover, HDFC provides people with housing loans in other to purchase their dream choice home and also create your own space of home through HDFC home loans.

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Key Features of Acquiring Home Loans

On the contrary, the term acquiring HDFC housing loan is actually tailored by HDFC home loan eligibility criteria. This includes salary earners who can find loans and view the attractive HDFC interest rates and also a longer tenure. Also, the platform provides you with investment solutions to help you make the right choice of home. Some of the home loan key features:

  1. Home loans on HDFC allow you to purchase loans for a flat, row house or even bungalow that is under development of private developers.
  2. Also, it allows you to acquire loans for properties from organizations like DDA, MHADA and more.
  3. It enables you to consult the expert legal and technical counseling in making the right choice home.
  4. For those employed in the Indian Army have access to special arrangements that come with AGIF in acquiring loans from HDFC Home Loans.

Moreover, these are some of the key features of acquiring or applying for the HDFC home loan insurance plan. Hence, you can check out some of the interest rates of the platform below.

HDFC Home Loans Interest Rate for 2022

In the meantime, one of the factors that attract members to the platform or that considers HDFC Bank good for home loans is the rate of interest HDFC provides to members. However, you can check out the retail prime lending rate which is about 16.60%.

  1. For Women (up to 30 Lakhs) comes with a home loan interest rates ranging from 8.00 to 8.50% p.a.
  2. For others (up to 30 Lakhs) allow offers home loan interest rates ranging from 8.00 to 8.50% p.a.
  3. Also, for women (30.01 Lakhs to 75 Lakhs) comes with 8.25 to 8.75 home loan interest rates
  4. For others (30.01 Lakhs to 75 Lakhs) offers 8.25 to 8.75 home loan interest rates.
  5. For women (75.01 Lakhs & Above) is 8.30 to 8.80 HDFC home loan interest rates.
  6. Lastly for others (75.01 Lakhs & Above) also comes with 8.30 to 8.80 HDFC home loan interest rates.

In addition, the HDFC home loan interest rate/EMI is accessible for loans under the Adjustable Rate Home Loan Scheme of HDFC. Also, the list of home loan interest rates is actually variable in nature and subject.

What is the Eligibility Required for HDFC Home Loans?

On the contrary, before moving or thinking of acquiring a housing loan from HDFC, you need to, first of all, read the HDFC home loan eligibility criteria. This helps you to understand the HDFC home loan application status tracking.

HFDC housing loan minimum requirement for primary applicants:

  1. Age: 21-65 years.
  2. Profession: salaried/self-employed.
  3. Nationality: Resident of India
  4. Gender: all gender.

HFDC housing loan minimum requirement for co-applicants:

  1. Adding co-applicants helps in increasing the loan amount.
  2. Also, when you add women co-owner give you better interest rates.
  3. Lastly, all co-applicants don’t have to be a co-owner and your co-applicant can be your close family members.

Keep in mind, you can need to provide some certain HDFC home loan eligibility documents and charges that included Home Loan Document for salaried Individual, Home Loan Charges and Fees, and also Home Loan Repayment Option for salaried individuals.

Guideline to HDFC Home Loans Apply Online

First of all, in calculating your interest rate, the platform makes use of the HDFC Home Loan EMI Calculator in other to help you estimate the amount or calculate your charges or fee you need to pay for your home loan with ease.

In summary, to access the HDFC home loan apply online page, you can visit the link and click Apply Now. Then you can check out the HDFC home loan eligibility documents and also based on salary. Keep in mind, before applying for the HDFC housing load, you need to have an HDFC account. therefore, you can simply sign in up for an account or log in your account if you already create an account.