Friends list Request for my nearby friends – Friend Request Pending On Facebook – View Facebook Pending friend Request

Friends list Request for my nearby friends – You might have sent many friend requests in Facebook. Of course, every Facebook user may eager to know which friend requests are not reached or confirmed yet. Pending friend requests on Facebook timeline are actually those requests which are not confirmed yet. But unfortunately Facebook doesn’t support a direct button option to see pending friend requests directly.

Yes, it is possible to see the list of pending friend requests in ‘Edit Friends” in the “Settings” although this may not be a direct button for this in your Facebook. Don’t get upset, yet, we have many alternatives to get view all unconfirmed or pending friend requests together in Facebook timeline.

How to check the pending friend requests on Facebook – Friends list Request for my nearby friends

Through this article you will definitely get the idea about Pending friend requests in FB. So, there a number of alternatives to check pending requests. But you are going to see the most commonest and easiest method.

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So, here we go:

1. Log in to your Facebook Account,

2. Navigate to ,

3. And you will see all the list of your friend request

4. If you want to check a particular person’s friend request status or profile, simply click on their name.

5. Scroll through to view all. Now you will see the list of people who are not confirmed your friend request, Here the screenshot, now just click “Cancel Request” to delete that request.