Facebook Messenger Install App – Messenger App Download

Facebook Messenger Install App | Messenger App Download – Facebook Messenger App is a leading messenger application in the world today like WhatsApp messenger app and Imo Instant Messaging App. Owned by Facebook, the messenger app helps users keep in touch with each other at all times.

Don’t forget, Facebook is the first social media platform in the world and presented the idea that messaging could be made very easy. That is, you can reach anyone from anywhere in the world so long as you have internet access.

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To enjoy this mobile application, you need to be an Android or IOS user. At the time when Facebook initially started, their messenger platform wasn’t an app. It was just a feature attached to the FB platform itself. Understanding the way the world of tech evolves, Facebook advanced with it and contributed a lot with the innovation of;

1. Facebook App

2. Facebook Messenger App

3. Facebook Lite App

4. Messenger Lite

Features of Facebook Messenger App

The FB Messenger App is a very useful app which helps command the presence of your Facebook friends at all times. Communicate is made more effective with the features this Messenger App possesses.

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These features are designed to put an end to the barriers before individuals when it comes to communicating. The following are features of the FB Messenger App:

1. Text Chatting – Helps you text your friends and share ideas with them. You can send media files, links, and other attachments. You also get to send GIFs, Emojis, and feelings all which helps you express yourself.

2. Video Calling – Have quality video call with any of your FB friends. All it takes is for you to open a chat window with the friend you desire to speak with. Once that is done, click the video icon at the top and you would start your video call with your friend.

3. Voice call – This can save you call charges from telecommunication companies. As soon as you open a chat window with your friend, click on the telephone icon at the top to start a voice call.

Facebook Messenger App Download – Facebook Messenger Install

To download and install the FB Messenger App, follow these steps:

1. Visit your App store (Google Playstore or IOS store)

2. Search “Facebook Messenger”

3. Click “Download”

4. After the download, click “Install”

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