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Facebook Login with Phone Number – To log in to Facebook is easy and simple, but not everybody knows that they can use their mobile phone numbers as their Facebook username. instead of the normal email address they use.

Hence this post on Facebook login Mobile phone number will show you how to login to your Facebook account using your mobile phone number. If you used it to open your account in the first place.

This post will also teach you how to use your phone number to open a Facebook account and use it as a username. Also on this post, you be taught how to create a Facebook account and others.

Facebook Login

The Facebook login mobile phone number means login into Facebook with your mobile phone number and your password.

And as I have said before you can only do that, when you use your phone number in place instead of your email when creating your Facebook account.

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Meaning that if you did not use your phone number as your username, then you can’t log in with your phone number to the Facebook platform.

This Facebook login is very important if you are to do anything on your Facebook account. So in the place of an email, you can decide to use your phone number instead to create an account.

Therefore to create an account using phone numbers will be talked about next on this post.

How to Create Facebook Account Using phone number

To create a free Facebook account using your phone number as your username carry out the following process below.

Facebook Account Create mobile number;

* Visit the Facebook account creation page here
* https://www.facebook.com/.
* Fill in your name correctly.
* Now instead of using an email address, enter your phone number correctly.
* Now choose a gender and then choose your date of birth and a password
* Finally, tap on Sign up

To create a Facebook account also means Facebook sign up. Now once you’ve created your Facebook account with your phone number you can’t use your email to login.

Once the account has been successfully created you have to verify your phone number will the message will receive from Facebook.

Facebook Login With Phone Number

Now after creating your Facebook account with your mobile number, to login to Facebook using your mobile number kindly follow the process below to login using any browser.

* Open Facebook on your browser.
* Now fill in your mobile number in the place of username and then type your password.
* Now click on Sign in.

After tapping sign in you will be logged into your account using your mobile number and your password. Do make sure to type the correct phone number and password.

So as to successfully login your Facebook account using your mobile number and password.

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Facebook Sign In using App

Now for you to login Facebook using the mobile number on the Facebook app do the following.

* Go to play store or app store type and search for ‘Facebook’ and tap on it
* Now for Android tap Install and Accept while on IOS tap on Get and Install
* Once you have done the above the app will begin to download on your device. Open the app after downloading.

Fill in your mobile number in the place of username and your password and click on log in.

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