Facebook Instant Games Monetization – Monetizing on Facebook Instant Games | Facebook Instant Game

Many of us have heard about instant games on Facebook, some of us usually play these games on the Facebook app, while some have the technical-know-how on making these games but only a few know that cool cash can be made from these games on Facebook. Yes, I’m talking about Facebook instant games monetization.

Facebook instant games can be monetized through audience network with In-app Ads. In case you are confused, hold on a bit because I’m going to explain what I mean. Well, making money on Facebook instant games can be done by placing Ads on the instant game using the audience network ad placement. Now that you are understanding me, lets dive in.

Monetizing On Facebook Instant Games – Facebook Instant Games Monetization

Before I tell you how to monetize on Facebook, let me tell you a few important things you would require before starting. Firstly, you will need Your audience network approved for instant games, secondly, a Facebook account which I think you should have. Next, as I said before, knowledge of a programming language to integrate the Ad placement in your source code, and finally, you will need a bank account for you to continue. If you have all these, then let’s dive in.

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1. You will need to set up instant games: Do this by creating, uploading and submitting your game to Facebook.

2. Set up your audience network: Log in and go to your dashboard. On your dashboard, add a product and complete the set up process by clicking set up. Now you can get access to the Monetize manager.

3. Time to create your Ad placement: Either create a new business, or use an existing one you already have, choose your country, then you create and name the property. Now click on Go to Monetize Manager to choose your format to display and click next. Your Ad placement has been created.

4. Add your info for payout: Add your payment account with which you want to pay for the Ad placement. do this by clicking the Add Payment Account, then Edit payment setting. You would be required to pay for your account to be able to receive audience ads.

5. Review your app: After the payment process, click the send review button and then you can review your app and if everything looks good, you can now Send for review and your app will be submitted for review.

6. Integrate Your Ad Placement: Since you’ve created your Ad placement, the next step is to integrate it in your app by adding your Ad Placement Id: To do this, click your business name and scroll down to properties, click on an available Ad space and copy the placement Id.

7. Embed The Ad in your App: This is the last step and will require knowledge of a programming language.

Finally, you are done. Your Audience Network Ads should be showing on your game on Facebook. So whenever someone plays your instant games, they see an Ad and of that reason you get some money on that your instant game. You can add as many instant games that are approved. Just repeat the process and keep on making money.