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Many of us have a Facebook account, but I bet a very huge percent of people on Facebook don’t even know that they have a Facebook ID, since all they need to log in is their username and password. In this post, Facebook ID is an essential part of every Facebook account, and in this article, we will be discussing the whats and whys of this unique Facebook number.

Facebook ID

Facebook ID is a unique set of numbers that is used to find a specific person, page ID, or an app on present on Facebook. A Facebook ID is unique to every user account on Facebook. And as such, no two accounts can have the same ID. This can be particularly useful when searching for someone. This as we know could be quite frustrating as too many people may share the name. And even the surname of the person, in this case, once you know the person’s Facebook ID, you’re safe from all that stress.

How to Use Facebook ID

The Facebook ID of a user, page, team, or essentially anything on Facebook plays a vital role in making things easy around the network. Let’s now look at some of the ways to use Facebook ID.

  1. One of the most important use of the ID is to cite a specific item on Facebook. It could be a user’s profile or just a single photo. Once you know a user’s Facebook ID. You can view the item you want to see, as long as it is made public at Facebook.com/<fbID>
  2. If you want to get the ID of a person or photo. You can simply hover around the timestamp text (for example 3 minutes ago). This is the permalink to that specific piece of content. You can also click on this link to find the ID of a user, page or group on Facebook.
  3. The standard link of a photo page includes some detailed information about the page. Such as the photo’s Facebook ID, the album (set), type, theatre mode, and other optional information. The Facebook ID of the album and that of the uploader can be found in the album string.

How to Find My Facebook ID

Finding your Facebook ID is very simple. Still, some people still have challenges in finding it. The steps below should help you get your Facebook ID:

  • Make sure you have an active internet connection on your device, then login to Facebook with your account details.
  • Once you are logged in, click on your name at the top left corner of your homepage.
  • Click on the URL on the address bar of your browser and copy all the text.
  • Paste the text on http://lookup-ID.com search bar.
  • Click on Lookup

Once you click on the look up button. Your Facebook ID will be generated. You can also use this to search for people, pages, and posts that matter to you on Facebook as well.

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