Edit Name On Facebook Profile Account – Change Name on Facebook Profile | Edit Name on Profile

Change or Editing your Facebook Name is a choice, and this  post explains how to edit name on Facebook profile account so you can change your name on your FB account.. You may choose to use your nickname, add another name, change your maiden name if just got married or totally change your name just for any reason. Don’t blame yourself if you never knew this was possible.

Facebook advises users to use their real name on their Facebook profile for easy and proper identification. This is for security purposes and better connectivity.

If you’ve noticed, Facebook can automatically tag your friends you had a photo with just by facial recognition. This is to tell you how advanced Facebook technology is.

Edit Name On Facebook Profile Account

Before you decide to change your name on Facebook, it is very important you go through the Facebook Name Standards and do a proper review. After changing your Facebook Name, you have to wait another 60 days (2 months approximately).

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If for any reason you change your Facebook Name more than twice, it will take you 120 days (3 months approximately) to change or edit it again so be wise about it. This means you have to be meticulous and decided when doing this.

Change Name on Facebook Profile

Changing your name on Facebook isn’t at all a problem. As long as you are a Facebook user, you can edit your profile any time you want. Here is how to go about it:

Log in your Facebook account
• At the top right of your Facebook Page click “Settings
• Choose “Name”
• Input your new name you want to use for on your Facebook Profile
• Click on “Review Change”
• Input your Facebook Password
• Click “Save Changes”

That is how you edit your Facebook Profile Name. Just thing it through before you change your Facebook Profile Name.