Apply for Denmark Visa Lottery Program to Study, Work & Live Abroad – Requirements & Guideline On How To Apply

Denmark Green Card Application Form  – Application Form For Denmark Green Card

Denmark is a countries and one of the best places you can study, work and live. The cost of living there is low, so if you are interested? If yes, this is an opportunity for you to apply for the ongoing Denmark Green Card 2019 Application Form.

In this our write up we are going to guide you on how to apply for Denmark green card application form.

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But before apply for Denmark green card, you must know the type of visa you will be applying for. That is, you should know whether you are planning to study, work, visit, or reside there permanently.


1. Make sure you have 100 points total and your age would be 17 to 18 years.

2. Three year’s work experience.

Work Experience;

3. Candidates with 1-2 years work experience will be awarded 10 Points.

4. Candidates with 3-5 years work experience will be awarded 15 Points.

5. Candidates must present their Bank Statement.

6. A candidate below 30 years and living with their parents requires DKK 10,849.

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7. A single person above 24 years, DKK 5,940 will be required.

8. Married person DKK 14,92 will be required.

How To Apply for Denmark Green Card

If you wish to apply for the Denmark Green Card Visa should download and fill the application using the following link: >>>

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