Canadian Immigration – Canadian Citizenship/Immigration

Canadian Immigration – Canadian Citizenship/Immigration

Canadian Immigration is the process in which people move permanently or temporarily to Canada for the purpose of living there. While many others go with the purpose of further becoming Canadian citizens. Meanwhile, the record shows that Canada is the eighth on the list of the largest immigrant population in the world.

Furthermore, Canada is one of the best countries to migrate to because of the quality of life, social amenities, employment offers over there. Nevertheless, according to the ratings released by the US News report, Canada is among the top listed country based on the human standards of living there. You can either apply to travel for a vacation, for education purposes, for employment purposes.

Canadian Immigration – Canadian Citizenship/Immigration

Fortunately, the Canadian Immigration government is really making immigration applications easy and achievable for many new immigrants. Therefore, it has brought out many plans of picking more than a million immigrant petitions to become permanent residents by 2023. However, immigrants will have to go through all of Canada’s immigration programs and Canada streams. Meanwhile, to make the plans come into reality the Canadian government has made vital changes in the requirements, rules, and qualifications to make the Immigration process easier.

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The Easiest Means To Migrate To Canada

To migrate to Canada easily, there is an available means which is;

  • Express Entry System

The Express Entry System is the best, easiest and quickest Canadian Immigration program that gives out permanent residency to successful immigrant applications. It allows the successful applicant to reside and work in Canada. The Express Entry System assesses immigrant application based on age, education and education levels, work experience and training, and language ability. It gives point scores to the selected applications, then the Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) invites the top-scoring applicants to apply for permanent residency. Note that applicants must score 456 points or above to get the Canada permanent residency invitation.

Canadian Immigration – How To Apply For Express Entry Program

  • Submit your documents to create a profile in online Express Entry System which are:
  • Your language test result
  • Educational credential assessment report
  • Your international passport
  • After you must have submitted your profile, you will receive an invitation from the Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to apply for the Canadian permanent residence.
  • Then, you will be asked to provide a reference letter, identification documents, police clearance certificate and medical examination results.

Who Can Apply For The Express Entry?

  • Applicants with college or university degrees, candidates with university degrees that also have work experience or trainings.
  • Language ability: English language and French language.

Programs in the Canada Express Entry System: There are major programs aspiring Canadian immigrants can take up from the Express Entry system, which are;

Federal skilled worker: the program is open for workers who have foreign work experience and wants to immigrate permanently to Canada.

Requirements For The FSW Program

Immigrant applicants are tested on the below-listed qualifications once they create their profile.

  • Work experience
  • Language ability (English or French skills)
  • Education qualification
  • Age
  • Job offer

Federal Skilled Trades Class: this program is open to Skilled Canadian Immigration traders based on their skilled trade.

Requirement For The FST

  • Language ability in reading, writing, listening and speaking.
  • Must have at least 2 years of work experience in any skilled trade.
  • Must have worked for a pay in the trade line
  • Skilled experience must fall under the National Occupational Classification which are; Industrial and electrical trades, Cooks and chefs, Butchers and bakers, Processing manufacturing and utilities jobs, agriculture, computer operators. Note find the NOC code, title and skill type of your job and apply.
  • Education level
  • Accommodation in Canada
  • Admissibility
  • Valid job offer in Canada

Finally, once you have successfully created your Canadian Immigration profile and you meet the requirements under any of the listed programs, and with a good score, you will be invited to apply for permanent residency under any of the above-listed programs. Afterward, you will be asked to submit your documents and certificate for clarification.