Block friends of friends list in FB – Blocking a Facebook User – How to block Someone in Facebook

Block friends of friends list in FB – Facebook Messenger is an app which enables users to chat and exchange photos, files, etc but it also allows you to block someone or a friends who might be bothering you. At the end of this post you find out how to block someone on Facebook Messenger.

Keep in mind, unlike Blocking someone on Facebook, blocking your friends on Facebook Messenger will not unfriend them but will stop them from texting you on Messenger.

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How Can I block someone on Facebook messenger quickly

1) Open the Messenger App on your Android smartphone.

2) Tap on any friend name to open the chat conversation.

3) Tap the little round icon with (i).

4) Swipe up to scroll to the bottom unless you see the “block” option tap on it.

5) There is two option available there “Block all messages” and “Block on Facebook”.

6) Now if you wanna block your friend on Messenger only then tap on “block all messages”.

7) But if you wanna block your friend on Facebook too then tap on the “Block on Facebook”. That’s it.

If you’ve followed the steps outlined above, you will successfully get rid of any friend bothering you on Facebook messenger.