Best Cities To Live and Work In Canada

Best Cities To Live and Work In Canada

Canada is emerging as the number one choice for many people who wish to move abroad to secure better job opportunities and in the hopes of a better quality of life. From providing great healthcare facilities to world-class education in almost all subject areas, Canada provides all its residents with a safe and great country to live in.

Canada also benefits from its strong economy and a low crime rate that further makes living in Canada an attractive prospect for most foreigners. However, it is important to understand which place is right for you from all the Canadian cities to move to and begin a new life.

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So, we have put together a list of the best places to live in Canada, which also covers the best cities to study in Canada, worth considering by both students and working professionals who are exploring living in Canada.

Best Cities To Live and Work In Canada


Oakville is a stunning suburban small town situated in the province of Ontario, which is arguably one of the most preferred places in the whole of Canada in terms of employment opportunities and city life in general. The residents of Oakville enjoy nature’s beautiful creations in their most natural forms as they are situated on the banks of Lake Ontario. The town is also just an hour’s drive away from one of the most magnificent sights in the world – Niagara Falls!

Oakville is also in close proximity to Toronto, and residents can thus have easy access to the job market in Toronto without having to worry about covering the costs of living in the bustling city.

Many pharmaceutical giants and other life sciences companies that specialise in geriatric care, apart from many manufacturing companies, are based in Oakville and can provide excellent job opportunities.


Quebec city is one of the most picturesque and best places to live in Canada and is ranked at number 88 in the QS world rankings for the best cities in the world. One of the best universities in this city located in one of the best states to live in Canada is Bishop’s University.

Quebec is one of the top choices for many international students moving to Canada because it provides great study and job opportunities along with an affordable cost of living.

Best Cities To Live and Work In Canada


Calgary is ranked as the 47th best city in the world and regarded as the energy capital of Canada. This city is a part of the Alberta province and is well known for its efforts towards revolutionising the world’s fossil fuel consumption.

There are many good universities here, like the University of Calgary, renowned for providing all its students quality education and great placements.

The city is also famous for its fun-centred lifestyle and the great cultural extravaganza of the ‘Calgary Stampede’. The Banff National Park, located in the rocky mountains near Calgary, is also a great attraction of this beautiful city in Canada, making it a great place to live in for many immigrants.


Montreal has been awarded the rank of the 41st best city in the world, and for a good reason. It is the exotic French heart of Canada and arguably also of the entire North America region.

It is one of the biggest cities in the province of Quebec. With its old buildings and unique architecture, Montreal can transport you instantly to a quaint French town in Europe.

The city has plenty of employment opportunities along with the great outdoors to offer to all its residents. There are also many great universities in this city worth exploring for all international students. Real estate costs are not as high as in other parts of the country, making it immigrant and international students-friendly. Apart from apartment costs, other expenses such as food and entertainment aren’t relatively high either.


Ottawa is the cosmopolitan capital city of Canada and has a lot to boast of, including the quality of education it provides to residents. There are many businesses in the city, ranging from life sciences, aerospace, and clean technology firms to digital media and other software related fields.

The city also has a very high GDP (gross domestic product) per capita, ranked 80th worldwide. Ottawa also generates a large number of jobs every year that can be filled by intelligent and prized immigrants.


Edmonton is lovingly known as the ‘City of Festivals’ because of the large number of city-sanctioned events and other outdoor activities that take place in this city every year. This city is also the provincial capital of Alberta and is home to the University of Alberta, which has been ranked 59th globally.

The type of jobs on offer in this city is very diverse, and there are plenty of excellent job opportunities for every immigrant and international student here.


Vancouver is one of the largest cities in the province of British Columbia in Canada and is widely known across the globe for its great nightlife and stellar job and study-abroad opportunities. This city is also home to many great educational institutions that can catapult the careers of international students excelling in their academics.

Many technology-based companies in Canada and globally have set up a base in Vancouver and are opening up several job opportunities to people willing to settle down in Vancouver. All these factors have contributed to making Vancouver reach the rank of the 34th best city in the world.


Last, but far from the least, Toronto is the hustling and bustling city of Canada that is the most popular choice for thousands of international students and immigrants. It is one of the best cities to live in Canada and also the best city to study in Canada, as it houses many of the best universities in the world and fields plenty of employment opportunities.

Although living in this city of Canada involves a high cost of living, primarily due to the significant costs of real estate, there is also a very strong network of public transport. This can be easily availed of and is accessible and affordable for all residents.

Toronto is worth exploring for settling down when you move to Canada because of the multitude of resources, facilities, and opportunities in this big, busy, booming city.

Canada is the land of dreams for many working professionals and international students who want to work in excellent places and lead a better life in a progressive environment. Make sure to go through all these best places to live in Canada to find out which city suits you and your expectations the best!

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