How to Apply For Canadian Visa Lottery – Canada Visa Application

This is information on Canada visa application. If you have ever nurtured the dream of traveling and living in Canada, then this post is meant to guide you on a everything you need to know about Canadian Visa, and more importantly answer your question about Canada visa lottery while enlightening you on such matter as whether Canada visa lottery exist.

This is one question a lot of want to know as many are asking how to apply for Canadian visa lottery, people who are more enlightened care to know if Canada visa lottery even exist in the first place. This and many more we are going to find out in this post.

How to Apply For Canadian Visa Lottery – Canada Visa Application

We are going to discuss on Canada visa application and its requirements, and also talk about visa lottery for Canada. There are so much more you are going to learn as you go through this as we uncover all the information you need to know.

In other words, you will find answers to the questions like;

What is Canadian Visa Lottery?

Does Canada visa lottery exist?

What are the requirement for Canadian Visa?

How to apply for Canadian Visa?

Canada Green Card is the official immigration document also known as permanent resident permit card which allows a foreign citizen to live and work permanently in Canada. It allows you stay in Canada, and it’s issued mainly to immigrants who are citizens of other countries.

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Canada Green Card Mandate

  • To help Canada with the significant labor market shortage.
  • To helping potential and qualified immigrants with limited financial resources to have a chance in immigrating to Canada, the true destination of choice for immigrants worldwide.
  • To help newcomers successfully integrate into the Canadian economy and society.

Does Canada Have Visa Lottery Program?

Canada does not have such program as Canada visa lottery. As a matter of fact, Canadian government does not issue immigration visa through lottery program, and so there is no such thing as Canada visa lottery.

There is need for everyone to know that there is no Canada visa lottery, and so be careful with people who promise you opportunity in Canada via Canada visa lottery. It is misleading as there is no Canada visa lottery exist in anywhere.

If you have any genuine need and reason to move to Canada, you must obtain Canada visa through Canada immigration consular in your country. This visa will be issued to you once you meet the immigration visa requirement according to Canada laid down requirements. Thus, you will have to apply and once approved you are issued the visa to travel to Canada.

What Are Requirement For Canadian Visa Application?

There are certain requirement that are necessary for anyone who intend to apply for Canadian Visa. Such requirement include, but not necessarily limited to the following;

1. It’s important you contact the necessary Canadian Consulate Offices nearer to you before embarking on any application.

2. Go to to check the Canadian Consulate office for your country.

3. You must be skilled in certain work before you can be eligible

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4. You must have some level of education

5. Ability to speak English and French is an Advantage

* For those seeking to study there, you must have sat for a certified English language test like the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) Check here

How To Apply For Canadian Visa

To apply for the Canada Visa lottery,

1. Go to

2. Fill up all the necessary information required in the application form

3. Click on “Submit” once you are done.


The website contains necessary information relating to Canadian Visa Application, form, work permit, permanent residence, students seeking to study in Canada and many more.

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With the link, you will find even more information that would help you complete every process about Canadian Visa lottery.

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