Alexa Smart Plug – Purchase An Alexa Smart Plug

Alexa Smart Plug – Purchase An Alexa Smart Plug

Alexa smart plug is a device that lets you control your home devices which include your lights, fans, coffee makers, electric kettles, and many more. All you just need is a device working with Alexa like Echo, Fire Tv, Fire Tablets, Sonos One, or the Alexa mobile app on your device. But on most occasions, it is used with the Amazon Echo speaker which is controlled by voice. However, you can control multiple outlets with multiple Amazon Smart plugs. But keep in mind that the Amazon smart plug is only for use indoors and would not function outside.

Alexa Smart Plug – Purchase An Alexa Smart Plug

Alexa Smart Plug is however available for you to buy on Amazon at a very affordable price. You can visit the Amazon online website to shop for yours. The Smart Plug uses Alexa to voice control devices in the home. So, therefore, the Alexa app is very important for your device to work properly. But other Amazon devices which Alexa functions on like Amazon Echo do not necessarily need the Smart plug to function. As they can function with just the Amazon Alexa app. Also, using it, you do not need an Echo device to control your home devices as you can just log in to your Alexa account using the app to do what you want whenever you want to.

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Are Alexa Smart Plugs Safe To Use?

Yes, it is just as safe as any other device you plug into the wall. It also has its safety guidelines. So, therefore, using the Alexa Smart plug is safe. If you want to be worried about anything it should be about your Smart Plugs getting hacked. As any cheap smart plug has been confirmed to be very vulnerable to hacking.

How To Get An Alexa Smart Plug?

There is a very easy way by which you can purchase yours which is through ordering online. Amazon however is the best website to visit to order your own at affordable prices. But to shop on Amazon requires you to have an account. There are different Amazon online sites you can visit to shop for your smart plug and get it shipped to you.

It is however advisable for you to shop on the Amazon site which its company is closer to you for easy and cheaper shipping. Although, at times shipping can be free. The different countries where Amazon is located in Canada (, Spain (, India (, US (, Italy (, Germany(, UK ( You can visit any of these sites to shop for your own Alexa Smart Plug with these steps below;

  • Visit the Amazon website of your choice from the above mentioned
  • Sign in your Amazon account
  • Using the site search engine, locate the Alexa smart plug
  • Select the smart plug you want to purchase
  • Click on buy now or add to cart
  • Click on proceed to check out
  • Enter your shipping address and tap on the continue button
  • Select payment method and enter payment details
  • Tap on place your order to purchase.

After you have ordered your Alexa Smart Plug, you can now wait for the day it would be delivered to you. Then after getting your package, you can now set it up for use with these steps below.

How To It Set Up?

Setting it up is a very easy-to-do thing. It only requires your Alexa app and the smart plug device. Once you have that at hand, you can now set up your Smart plug and have it obey your voice command with these steps below;

  • Plug your Smart Plug device to the wall
  • Open the Alexa app on your mobile device
  • Open more and click on Add device
  • Choose plug from the options
  • Then follow the instructions on your device to connect your Plug and set up your device.

Command Alexa whenever you want to turn off your lights, handle your coffee machine, and turn off/on your electric kettle, and many more. If your Alexa app isn’t finding your smart plug device, you should just ensure that your Alexa app and device are of the latest version and that they are both connected to the same Wi-Fi.